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Registration & Merchandise

Registration & Merchandise

Brooke's Car Rally Vehicle Registration


Register your vehicle for our current event here!


Please note: By registering your vehicle in this event you accept the following terms:


*All vehicle registrations and additional orders are pre-paid and non-refundable


* Entry is at your own risk - the Brooke's Car Rally organisers and/or officials and staff and/or management of the event's beneficiary/ies are not responsible for any traffic infringements, accidents, injury or otherwise, incurred during this event


* Valid and current vehicle registration and driver's licences are the responsibility of the vehicle driver/owner


* I understand photographs taken during this event may be used by the organisers and/or event beneficiary/ies for promotional purposes.

Please advise your vehicle registration plate (i.e ABC 123), your name, mobile number and number of passengers ( _ x Adults & _ x Children)

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